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Penn-Plax began in 1956 when Marvin Goldman, an engineer and fish hobbyist, together with his wife Anita, opened Saratoga Tropiquarium, a pet shop in Brooklyn, N.Y. Soon after, Marvin’s brother Jerry joined the team as an industrial designer.
For more than 50 years the goals of the founders have driven—and still drive—Penn-Plax to enhance the pet ownership experience. Today Penn-Plax distributes 4,000 SKUs throughout the U.S. and in 44 other countries. Their inventory includes a wide variety across the dog, cat, bird, small animal and pond categories. Currently headquartered in Hauppauge, N.Y., the company is thriving and has a long list of patents.

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Biohome Filter Media is a highly efficient biological filter media developed by AQUA-BIO UK Ltd with a proven track record of manufacture of filter media used worldwide for over 20 years in the aquatic industry.
Biohome is manufactured wholly from recycled glass and Byproducts of the aggregate industry that contain the required trace elements and minerals shown to be beneficial to healthy bacteria formation. Biohome is produced in a variety of sizes and forms to suit every type of filter.
Biohome has been around for approximately 20 years but has been mostly sold in the Far East where keepers of Koi and Arowana appreciated its remarkable ability to process the waste generated from these demanding species. In 2012 the manufacturer of Biohome contacted Richard from the Pondguru channel on Youtube and asked him to take a look at the media which was incredibly popular in Asia but was still relatively unknown in the rest of the world.
With the combined knowledge of the biohome manufacturer and a chemist the perfect balance of size, porosity and performance was achieved resulting in the revolutionary Mini Ultra media which allows the full nitrogen cycle to be completed inside an external filter. A later improvement to the mini ultra (addition of trace elements for benefit of bacteria) resulted in Biohome Ultimate which allows for even faster bacterial colonisation and faster processing of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

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Evolution Aqua are award winning manufacturers of aquatics products for ponds and aquariums. Evolution Aqua are the number one manufacturer of Koi and pond filtration equipment. They have a vast UK dealer base and supply over 50 countries worldwide with their products. Their flagship filters are the Nexus 320 and 220, EazyPod and the Cetus Sieve. They also supply Air Pumps, Fish Foods, Pipework and Fittings to the aquatics world. They also develop Award Winning treatments for ponds and aquariums, including PURE Pond, the PURE Pond Bomb and PURE Aquarium.

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j-me was founded by brothers jamie and mark in 2000 with a desire to create original and entertaining products for the design conscious home owner.
j-me is a global product design company, that has become known for producing original home products that have a sense of humour and a love of design. located in the creative hub of london’s oxo tower, j-me has a unique ethos that results in a range of functional products that are original and fun.

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